Expectation is the killer of excitement.

Thoughts. Our thoughts crystalise the energy into good or ill according to the form you impress upon it. You are free to choose which. Thoughts of wealth, of power, of success can bring only results commensurate with your idea of them. Thoughts of poverty and lack can bring only limitation and trouble. Every thought thatContinue reading “Expectation is the killer of excitement.”

Comparison is destruction in action!

Imagine living without fear of not being loved and of loving. You are no longer afraid to be rejected, and you don’t have the need to be accepted. – Don Miguel Ruiz. Comparison can destroy one’s identity and lead to the destruction of inner peace. Your love and light would slowly start subsiding, and youContinue reading “Comparison is destruction in action!”

Self Acceptance is the only solution!

“In the end it is you and your mind. Nothing anyone says will help you overcome the mess you have created in your own mind by overthinking!” Rajakumari Raveendran Your whole mind is a fog. We live in a dreamland where thousands of people are talking simultaneously, and nobody understands each other. We lose ourContinue reading “Self Acceptance is the only solution!”