Mind body & Soul connection | Look for yourself :0

You can see in the first two pictures shows the state of my skin when I was under soo much stress, overworking myself, being in zoom meetings hours on end. Vs the third picture on the right hand side where I try and meditated every single day, putting my well being before any commitments I may have for the day. I now rather miss an ‘important’ meeting than sit through it despising every second of it. Okay, so how does having acne relate to mind body and soul connection you may ask. Well, we all want to find happiness in our lives in some way right? Assuming this to be true for most people, why do we tell our selves that we would only find happiness once we achieve the great big goal we set for ourselves? I, Myself would own up to the fact that most days, in some way, I am stressed and full of anxiety of the unknown. I am constantly living in fear of what might happen. I have those days where I feel enlightened and uplifted because I allow myself to be, and those days; not surprisingly, are the best days of my life. I do not need to be doing anything, I could have simply just went to snoop around IKEA and not bought anything at all, but still feel fulfilled and happy. If I can attain happiness through these mindless activities, why the f*** am I trying to ‘make use of myself’ by doing infinite things I deem to get me closer to my goals. I found that no matter how much I ‘enjoyed’ being busy, I did it to relieve myself from my problems and escape my reality. Let me be brutally honest here. I realised I did it because I wanted to feel like I was one step ahead of most people my age and feel like I was ‘going somewhere with my life’. This was a realisation I had after I fell ill for a couple of weeks. I was glued onto my bed. Having sever head aches, body pains and constant shivering is what took for me to realise I was actually the hare in the race with the tortoise. I was running so fast, not realising the damage I caused myself through over exploitation and exhaustion. I am never the one to shy away from opportunities, but believe me when I say, it is far better to be prepared well mentally and physically to take on the opportunity, than to be doing it with a weak mind.

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