Expectation is the killer of excitement.

Thoughts. Our thoughts crystalise the energy into good or ill according to the form you impress upon it. You are free to choose which. Thoughts of wealth, of power, of success can bring only results commensurate with your idea of them. Thoughts of poverty and lack can bring only limitation and trouble. Every thought that we hold in our consciousness for any length of time becomes impressed upon our subconscious mind and created a pattern that the mind weaves into our lives or environment. All power is from within and is therefore under our own control. We often live in a world without. The inner world promises us life and health, prosperity and happiness dominion over all the earth. If you are willing to move forward, to endure the mental discipline of mastering this method, nothing in the world can hinder you or keep you from overcoming every obstacle. Remember, there is no obstacle that there is not some way around, or over, or through. – Robert Collier.

Now knowing the power of thought, it is now in your hands to decided what to do with it. Whether you live with expectations and prejudice is a decision YOU need to make. Maybe you don’t realise how much you expect from a situation or an individual. If so, have you expected too much of someone to a point, even when they expose themselves for who they are, you are blinded by the mental image you have created of them? Think about the time when you had a crush on someone. Didn’t you imagine them to be the purest souls with the biggest heart? Well, not everyone’s story is the same, but the feeling of unmet expectations leaves everyone with an undigestible sense of emotion. Because we see the world through our predetermined judgments and prejudice, we can’t help but make assumptions. Your mind has become a machine generating automatic thoughts that had been encoded into us from the day of our birth. We had no control over the environment or situation we were born into. But the power comes with knowing that you have control over your thoughts, right now in this very moment. External influences will always exist, but it is up to us to decide how to determine a situation. If you take the time to reflect on your life, you will see how life has always put events in your life to teach you a lesson. If there is no wind, the trees would become sloppy and become much weaker and cannot survive for long. So instead of walking in the opposite direction of the wind, feeling resistance every step towards your journey, I implore you to move in harmony with the unpredictable movements and its fierceness. Let go of the thoughts that are holding you back, and let your mind see love in everything!

My fondest memories come from when I let my mind go wild. When I lived expecting nothing. Thus everything I encountered amused me. The older I grew, my mind became polluted with junk. Junk that was thrown in by people whom I will never take advice from, nor will I turn to for help. I started becoming more self-conscious about every aspect of me, moulding myself into something I was not. See, this is where the irony lies. From observations, I found that we tend to judge others by their behaviour and ourselves by our intentions. Therefore, we place expectations on things without having a concrete idea of who we are as individuals. Imagine this being the case for a majority of the people in this world. If everyone has expectations of people who don’t even know themselves, we are living in a fake world. We live with high expectations because we are showing the world is a perfected version of ourselves and our reality. That’s the harsh truth.

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