Why do we all obsess over success?

All my life, I have been chasing the idea of becoming successful. But what really is success? I believe it depends on a person’s perspective about what they think will bring them happiness and fulfilment. Think about it. At the end of the day, no matter what we are seeking to obtain, whether that be material or emotional abundance, we are doing so in the desire to achieve everlasting happiness and fulfilment. Our ego is our enemy. It makes us feel more or less than depending on our status in society. Therefore, our attempts to achieve our desires become the focal point in our lives, constantly chasing but never living to see the blessing present in our lives right at this moment. Of course, I am not saying having goals is bad; it’s vital to our existence as we dreaming the dream that could not be seen by the naked eye. Thus we are putting the subconscious message into the universe that we trusting everything that life has got to offer us because the mere fact that we have aspiring goals is a sign of hope for our future! You are holding onto hope, regardless of how unsatisfying the situation is for you right now.

Let your body and mind work in harmony.

So let’s talk about what success means to me? Well, in my humble opinion, GROWTH is the one most important factor that I use as an indicator of my ‘success’. Like many of us, I do have aspirations for financial freedom to fulfil my materialistic ambitions. But, I no longer let this become the determining factor of my happiness. I already have everything I need right at this moment; these trinkets will only be an addition to my life. Putting it this way, when people say you will become whole when you find your other half is a perspective I disagree with. Instead, I believe that we are a whole being looking for another to celebrate and embrace our wholeness. I found that life is how you make of it. We will all face problems and issues in life, but why are some able to overcome and achieve monumental ‘success’ afterwards whilst others continue to face issues with no end in sight. It is simply because of the way we see life. When it rains, some will see how wet and cold it makes them feel, whilst others will see it is as an essential part of sustaining the life around us. We need to stop saying that life is working against us. Everything that happens in life doesn’t happen TO us; it happens FOR us! We are like a seed; if nurtured right, it will blossom. It all starts with realising the power within us all!

I have just rambled on and given you a little pep talk. Now let’s get down to business. So realising that our mind is a powerhouse can make the impossible possible, so why don’t all our dreams come true? This is because you have never focused your desires on one great dominating desire. You have a host of mild desires. If you have ever taken a magnifying glass and let the sun’s rays play through it on some object, you know that they accomplished nothing as long as the beams were scattered. I have been here too many times; it’s unreal how I still feel the same every time. The minute I let my logical brain the chance to shine, it floods in opinions of uninvited guests into my mind, with no spare room for my own thoughts. Have you ever been in a situation where you have been blessed with something you never thought you could attain and still feel lost? After talking to some of my closest friends, I found that this was a normal thing. It’s actually irritating how much we have normalised having a chaotic mind! We keep getting lost because we are bombarded with messages from our external environment, sublimely controlling how we should live OUR lives to attain happiness and fulfilment. So how do we become more focused and concentrate on our desires? It’s simple. Get so interested in something that you pay no attention to anything else that is going on around you. It’s like when you have a five-second intensive stare contest with a person you find attractive, everything becomes a blur apart from your (or soon to be) crush 😉 Don’t worry about the means for accomplishing your desire – give it intensive thought and then pass it onto your subconscious mentality, reciting, “attend this for me – work out the answer”. Do as Aladdin did, summon your genie, give him your orders, then forget the matter, secure in the knowledge that he will attend to it for you. – Robert Collier.

Every time I achieved the smaller goals I set for myself, I feel as though I am walking on water. It puts me in a high state of being, but I slowly become unhappy as I often find myself dissatisfied with the outcome. I now expect too much of myself, in a limited time frame, because of the need to feel deserving of the blessing. (Check out my previous blog about ” to read about my personal experience). I was feeling this way because I forgot to show my gratitude towards my blessings and become obsessed with the next best thing. I was practically running a race, which I didn’t realise until now, whilst writing this blog, and thinking about it makes me tired! The more conscious I became with my feelings, the easier it became for me to take control and seize the day. Thus, in return, I hope to achieve my goals whilst enjoying every part of my journey. Staying blissful and grateful for the pain and well as the gains in my life. I implore you all to do the same!

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